KnowBIM Learning Program

Welcome to KnowBIM, a Hybrid Learning Program, designed for your access to world’s best BIM learning Content maneuvered by BIM Experts from India’s National Award-Winning Company.

  • Leverage Content on more than 50 Design and Engineering Software
  • Focused Role-based tracking, assessment to provide realistic Outcome
  • Workshops with BIM experts to bring out more relevance in the learning process

KnowBIM has been conceived with a vision to deliver a learning solution that is effective, outcome-driven, and deployable on a varied scale. Our understanding of the deeper aspects of BIM Workflows and the human behavioral aspects that are required to being in the right kind of knowledge absorption. KnowBIM is a long-term skill up-gradation program based on Gradual Dispersion of several Digital knowledge areas and making use of the same on a practical basis.

Our Programs are tailored to suit your career goals

Why Learn with us?

Unmatched Content

Unmatched Learning Content from one of the World’s best Authorized Autodesk Publishers.

Automated Self-Assessment

Assessment attached to every single lesson helps you validate your learning progress.

Make Your Own Play

Customize your Playlist, track your progress and be in full control of your learning program.

Structured Exercise Files

Exercise files and assignments designed to enhance up your skills to Industry needs.

KnowBIM Assist Add-in

In Product Integration with Autodesk Products makes your learning process an integral part of your daily workflow.  

50+ Software, 35,000+ Lessons

BIM is not about just learning Revit, KnowBIM provides learning support for the complete workflow.  

Build Learning Culture (Biz)

Engage your employees using the KnowBIM platform and enhance the learning Culture.

Talent Management (Biz)

A powerful way to identify the best candidates for a role or onboard new employees. 

Continuous Learning Upgrades (Biz)

Keep you staff up to date with every new feature of new upgrades on software in most effective way.

Progress Dashboard

Monitor your progress and for the entire organization (admins only) with a smart Visual Dashboard.

24*7 Access & Prompt Support

24*7 Access to the Portal and on call/chat/email/WhatsApp support to all KnowBIM Subscribers 

Hybrid Program

Along with a Superior Platform, this Hybrid Program gets you on your toes with weekly workshops with our BIM Experts 

KnowBIM software


  • We have carefully curated  a workflow on AEC Collection for you to maximize your investment on Autodesk Solutions and leverage these Solutions to deliver a connected and inter-operable BIM outcome on your projects.
  • We teach the ensuing skills​.
  • Get unlimited access to premium content.

We Teach the Ensuing Skills



Curated Lessons


On Demand Courses


BIM Workshops
KnowBIM software collage

Glocal Approach – Global Outlook with Local Connect

KnowBIM map

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried answering most of your expected queries however if you don’t find something you are looking for, drop in a note to us or call us for more details.

KnowBIM provides an excellent opportunity for partners to collaborate and extend training solutions to their customers. If you have an existing training Academy or a training Institute you can apply for partnership with knowBIM.

Please feel free to connect with us for any further information. Our team will be happy to help 😊

For KnowBIM Pro, you can pay us using your bank-account, UPI, Wallet or Credit/Debit Cards. We use Razor Pay and PayPal Payment Merchants.

Login details shall be provided only to the customers of KnowBIM. Ideally, you should get your login details as soon as you have made the transactions or receive the confirmation from our team whichever earlier. Please make sure you don’t share your login details with others.

Yes, you can redeem token. However, make sure you have the voucher number before you perform the transaction. Our concerned representatives will provide you with necessary details and feel free to connect with our sales team for any further information.

KnowBIM courses are self-explanatory and has been tailored to suit various professionals’ requirement. However, in case you face any difficulty in choosing any of our training courses please feel free to connect with our sales team and we will be very happy to help.

KnowBIM is a unique blend of digital self-learning plus assisted training and guidance. KnowBIM courses are delivered 100% remotely however, it is a blend of hours that you will spend on world class digital content along with workshops and assignments that would be driven by our expert BIM managers.

The most important thing you will receive after you complete the course is an upgraded version of YOU! We do provide professional certificates; however, our program is based on transforming our candidates.

Our sales team would be able to give you a comprehensive demo where you can preview the entire course and see for yourself the rich content and a well-structured training program.

Sales discounts are on us. There will be no difference in the course whether you would have purchased it on a discounted price viz a viz a regular price.

If you are in India please feel free to call any of our sales representatives and we will be able to help you during the business hours. For candidates who have registered for any of our programs we will be available on all seven days to help.

All course materials are available on our platform and you would have access to the same once you’re registered.

Our team shall revert back within 24 hours of receiving your query.

If you are a teacher or somebody who is excellent with several BIM software’s and process, then we have an opportunity for you to partner us as a teacher. As a KnowBIM faculty, you will have excellent freedom and access to world class teaching environment. You can be a professional or a freelancer.  A basic engineering or an architecture graduation is mandatory with minimum five years of relevant experience.​

To ensure the Quality and Code of Conduct of KnowBIM, You will have to pass a specially designed test to be enrolled as a KnowBIM Faculty.

KnowBIM is accessed through the internet using a browser. Any of the following browsers can be used:​

  • Microsoft Edge (Updated Version only)​
  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest changes)​
  • Google Chrome (Latest changes)​

You may be able to access the portal on a Mac or other Apple device as well as any Android device by using one of the supported browsers.  Alternative browser may not respond. You will need to make sure the exact URL you use for KnowBIM is white listed if you are using an adblocker or antivirus software.​

  • We do not support Internet Explorer on any Operating System.​
  • We only offer support on the updated Chromium version of Edge browser.​
  • We do not support Windows 7.​

Know BIM Pro Basics are 6 months’ Program and Advance Programs are additional 6 months. All Business and Education Subscriptions are on annual basis.

Your registration shall be based on the information that you provide while making your purchase to any of our sales representatives.  For now, the registrations are not automatic and is governed by our back end team. All registrations are subjected to acceptance of the proposal by our order processing team. Click here

All purchases made within the jurisdiction of The Republic of India shall attract GST or sales tax as applicable.

You must be a qualified architect or an engineer to be able to consume the training programs structured in KnowBIM.

If you are on a KnowBIM UNI or BIZ education or business program then your course curriculum shall be under the jurisdiction of your respective organization. However for KnowBIM Pro, we have an active series of batches we keep announcing from time to time. You may join any of these courses that best suits your calendar. The basic courses of KnowBIM are of six months and the bundled courses of basic with advance are of one-year duration. 

KnowBIM is not an institution. It is a skill development program launched by the industry’s best professionals. It is a professional platform where candidate can leverage digital content and access to best industry professionals to sharpen their Digital skills. 

We do provide continuous digital access at a very subsidized cost once the training program is over. However, KnowBIM is not a video sharing platform. It’s a learning platform that tracks, monitors and manages the learning process along with our assisted learning programs. 

We do not charge you for becoming a teacher. However, you must satisfy all the given eligibility criteria and abide to the terms and conditions.

Our content are integrated with the text assignments and questions hence they are not available as downloaded video media.